Kelly Slater Wave Pool

Up until now, it’s been friends and family ONLY. Photo: Kelly Slater Wave Company

The Inertia

For months, the surf world has been forced to watch pro surfers – who already travel the world, surfing perfect waves – live out their dreams by sitting in the longest, most perfect barrel ever created by man. It’s been utterly torturous. As pro surfer after pro surfer enjoyed their slice of heaven, it got the rest of us regular folk thinking, “Hey, when’s our turn?”

Today, we are excited to inform you that surfing Kelly Slater’s wave pool is now a real-life possibility.

Recently, Kelly partnered with Omaze in providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. One lucky winner and their guest will be invited to stay at the Wave Ranch for a weekend, surfing perfect waves all day long with the 11-time World Champion himself. And when you’re completely surfed out, the party will go on with bonfires, jam sessions, and much more.

One of the greatest things of this all is that it isn’t entirely self-indulgent. In fact, all the entry money will go straight to WSL PURE, a new philanthropic branch of the WSL that is dedicated to giving back to the ocean and combating the pressing issues that are affecting our environment. So what are you waiting for? Get to it!


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