The Inertia

For every smart kid who questions the physics behind flying reindeer, this video gives us the truth: Santa can fly all by himself.

Insta360 teamed up with speedriding-pro Valentin Delluc to deliver Christmas cheer to the small French resort of Avoriaz. No matter how Scrooge-like you might be feeling this year, it’s hard to deny the joy of watching Delluc — in full Santa gear — somersaulting through town and grinding along the rooftops.

Is this an ad promoting a camera? Yes, but it’s a publicity stunt that works, showing us something we’ve probably never seen before at a time when we should all feel okay embracing some frivolous fun.

“Combining freeskiing, paragliding and gift delivering, this is the most badass Santa you’ll see this year!” the video description reads.

If there’s a contest for most badass Santa — Delluc gets my vote. Happy Holidays!


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