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A HUGE THANK YOU TO ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE INVOLVED!!!! What a special day to see all the donations for @wavesforchange and @surfersnotstreetchildren donated by the entire coastline of California. So much generosity and stoke, proud to see that we could get it all into the endZone and into a container headed straight to South Africa!! Over 650 surfboards donated, hundreds of wetsuits, leashes, fins, boogie boards and pretty much all walks of surfing equipment. Have to say a massive thanks to the crew that held it down on the frontline of from collecting, packing, donating, delivering, and seeing it to the final yard today! I know it’ll be hard to tag everyone, but if you had a hand in the journey we thank you sincerely!!!!! LOVE TO AFRICA!!! ✊️🌎❤️ #cantstealourvibe #keepthevibealive #passthepositivity #gromsforlife @hanaleireponty @tannergud @danedamus @frankiebdandrea @jwdowell @kubdowell @imuurmewerealltogether @donaldbrink @hydroflask @vans @vanssurf @surfride @prooflab @jackssurfboards @jimmicane @mylesmess @wsl @jordysmith88 @koloheandino22 @mikeyfebruary @noahohenester @blake.stern

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More than 650 surfboards are headed for South Africa right now thanks to the generosity of people across the Golden State and a lot of determination from the Gudauskas brothers and Cape Town’s Michael February. The “Can’t Steal Our Vibe” drive was a months-long campaign put on by the surfers, Waves for Change, Surfers Not Street Children, and the Positive Vibe Warriors.

This year’s drive was the 2nd annual for the Gudauskas squad, who wrangled up over 300 boards last year to donate to kids in Jamaica. That campaign was put together for a community having problems getting enough surf equipment to meet the demand from wave hungry groms. Meanwhile, the #CantStealOurVibe campaign for South Africa was an entirely different experience, Tanner Gudauskas said earlier this year. “There are so many homeless kids there, and life for them can be so tough,” he told STAB. “Hopefully, it provides some hope and something positive. Surfing is proof that it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, or where you come from, or what language you speak. It cuts through all of that, and to be able to potentially help these kids get in the water and have that hope and stoke that surfing provides, we’re humbled.” The slogan, “can’t steal our vibe,” was started by February, who’s spent the year climbing the ‘QS ranks.

At the same time, Surfers Not Street Children is raising $15,000 this year to continue their work getting south African children off the streets and into the water. The money will go toward two massive projects, one of them being the building of a surf house, to run mentorship programs and give kids a safe place to go. Over the years, SNSC has been able to get ex-street children in South Africa on the right path to supporting themselves as lifeguards, surf coaches, local baristas, and even one professional free surfer. The money will also be used to set up their surf club, a mentorship program for at-risk youth in Durban.

So, this is just one awesome place those 650 surfboards will be put to good use real soon. And hopefully, they put plenty of smiles on some faces in South Africa.


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