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Spring Skiing Jackson Hole Rendezvous

Spring skiing is certainly something to be excited for. Photo: Stephen Shelesky//JHMR

The Inertia

When referring to spring, the 19th-century naturalist and poet Henry David Thoreau noted, “It is incredible what a revolution in our feelings and in the aspect of nature this warmer air alone has produced.” Indeed, there is often a blossoming of our collective consciousness after we reemerge from the hibernation that winter brings.

What better place to experience this rebirth than Jackson Hole, Wyoming? In addition to the breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife that the region has to offer, this year welcomes another Rendezvous Spring Festival. The two-day music festival, taking place March 31 and April 1, 2023, will feature an eclectic mix of red-hot artists such as The Revivalists, ZZ Ward, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Ryan Bingham, Elle King, and Futurebirds performing in historic downtown Jackson Town Square and at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Best of all, it’s free for anyone to enjoy.

Rendezvous festival

Last year’s Rendezvous was a sold-out experience. Photo: Stephen Shelesky//JHMR

Leading up to the festival, there will be ample opportunities to shake the snow from your boots during the Road to Rendezvous. Every Saturday in March, finish the day’s last run down the mountain with live music slopeside, from 3pm onwards, under the Aerial Tram.

Spring is, for many, a surprising highlight of living in Jackson Hole. Brandon Garvey, Jackson resident and employee of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, chose to live in Wyoming for the outdoor activities that each winter provides. However, he has noticed that spring is the sweet spot nestled between the peak seasons of winter and summer, and when spring arrives, there is a shift in the overall ambience on the mountain.

Cody Peak Jackson Hole Rendezvous

The stunning backdrop of Cody Peak and the Tetons will always be a mind blower, no matter the season. Photo: AJ Powder//JHMR

“When it does start to warm up, there is a sense of happiness and everyone is outside enjoying it. Whether it’s actual verbal communication between people interacting, or it’s nonverbal, you can just tell that there is this sense of community and excitement in the air,” Garvey said.

In a way, late-March until late-May is the prime time to experience Jackson Hole. Winter 2023 has brought over 480 inches of snow to date, which will provide rippable conditions well into the spring. As the days become longer and warmer, the spring creates a new type of snow altogether. Corn snow, which is formed by the melting and refreezing of snow overnight, is the most ideal snow condition to have apart from fresh powder. Flying down the mountain in a T-shirt and shorts on a bluebird day is just the icing on the cake.

Spring Biking in the Tetons

For those interested in less vertical pursuits, spring is the perfect time to do so in Jackson. Photo: JHMR

For locals and tourists that prefer flatter terrain, biking is an alternative outdoor activity that provides a unique way of experiencing Grand Teton National Park. Depending on the weather, every spring there is a short window when Teton Park Road is cleared of snow while still prohibiting vehicle access. During those celebrated few weeks, the road is only open to non-motorized travel. Cyclists, roller bladers, and pedestrians can bask in the glory of unobstructed pavement that snakes through the snow-covered valley floor while taking in vast views of the surrounding mountains.

Another benefit of Jackson Hole in the spring is the reduced crowds. Since the onset of the pandemic, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has implemented a daily capacity limit, slashing lift wait times the entire winter season. Couple this with smaller springtime crowds, and skiers and snowboarders will find many of their favorite pistes much less populated and lift lines nonexistent. Just be sure to book in advance!

Tram Music JHMR

The Road to Rendezvous brings live music every Saturday in March under the Jackson Hole Tram. Photo: Stephen Shelesky//JHMR

Garvey explains that families and college students can benefit from spring break deals that are on offer leading up to, and during, Rendezvous weekend. In addition to discounted lodging packages, between March 14 and April 9, 2023, the resort’s Golden Ticket promotion is the key to scoring incredible deals.

“The Golden Ticket allows season pass holders from any other ski resort in the world to get 50% off our lift tickets. We have discounts on flights and lodging as well. Expenses naturally add up fast when planning a vacation for the entire family, but our deals help make it much more affordable,” Garvey said.

Rendezvous 2022

Ben Harper performs at last year’s Rendezvous Festival. Photo: JHMR

At time of writing, all VIP tickets for Rendezvous Spring Festival are sold out. General admission is free and is open to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis. With the warmer air, animals roaming nearby, and picturesque views at every angle, it’s hard not to imagine Thoreau in attendance, dancing along to the music with his favorite flute in hand.

Learn more about the Rendezvous Spring Festival and spring at Jackson Hole, right here.


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