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Hurricane Florence is currently bearing down on the Southeast, specifically the Carolina’s, and the slow-moving hurricane has everyone worried with the amount of rain it could dump, with a potential to cause massive flooding–not to mention the damage from 80 mile-per-hour winds expected later today.

Spanish Astronaut, Alexander Gerst was part of an international crew that took these incredible photos of Florence from the International Space Station and they are intense, to say the least. “Ever stared down the gaping eye of a category 4 hurricane,” Gerst asked on Twitter. “It’s chilling, even from space.”

Gerst was in absolute awe of the storm, as we all would be, saying the storm was so wide they could only capture it with a wide angle lens. “Watch out America,” he says. Check out the video below of how they captured these photos and here’s hoping for the safety of those along the Southeastern Seaboard.


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