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The team at AllWater Charter got more than they bargained for less than a mile off the pier in San Clemente, California today. A great white shark, estimated to be in the 17- to 19-foot range showed up to nibble on a dead gray whale floating in the water. The crew estimated the white’s length based on the length of the 23-foot boat.

The whale had reportedly been on a jetty in Dana Point this week and was pulled back out to sea by authorities. It was estimated to be a juvenile whale in the 28-foot range. Witnesses say the shark didn’t look much smaller, as you can see it chomping on dinner.


“It was surreal when I got the first shot of him, or her. It kind of didn’t hit me,” said AllWater’s Marc Levine. “I kind of blacked out. It was just, an animal that size is not something you see, ever.”

The sighting comes just ahead of the San Clemente Ocean Festival this weekend.



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