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Holy smokes, what a storm! After a record-breaking snow event in Western New York, the team at The Boardroom Snowboard Shop posted this killer edit of the boys getting after it in the “beautiful village of Ellicottville, New York.” As you can see, the squad is tearing up what look to be cut runs. Ellicottville is home to a pair of resorts, Holiday Valley and HoliMont. And the pow looks deep. Suffice it to say, deeper than anywhere out West at the moment.

The storm of all storms set single-day snowfall total records in Buffalo, according to reports, with some 21 inches (the record was for the day of November 19 but it was the second snowiest November day ever). Buffalo got nearly 40 inches overall. Between Thursday and Sunday, Orchard Park, just down the road, received 80 inches of fresh. Another storm is on the way later this week but it looks to be a whole lot wetter. The snowfall had locals recalling “Snovember,” the giant storm that dumped seven feet on the region in 2014.

“Not sure the vibes have ever been higher,” wrote the good peeps at The Boardroom. “The boys (were) absolutely GETTING IT yesterday.” Yes they were. And as they should have been. Here’s to hoping for one helluva good season on the Right Coast. They’re certainly due.

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