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Every California surfer knows the rule. Don’t surf after a rain. Why? Runoff, increased bacteria levels, illness, needles. All this because coastal California doesn’t get much rain.

But in the last few weeks, it’s been a different story – the coup de grâce being an “atmospheric river” that began to impact the northern part of the state in particular late Sunday night.

With rain forecast for much of the state for the remainder of the week, some surfers are getting bummed out, unable to get in the water lest they contract influenza.


One Grover Beach surfer, though, chose to throw caution to the wind, take matters into his own hands, and use the deluge to his benefit by surfing in the streets.

Facebook user Jenny McKee Mello shared the video above on the social network with local NBC affiliate KSBY 6. “My husband and I were just driving down Grand and I started filming the rushing of water, then we saw the surfer during filming,” she told KSBY.

It appears that the surfer is riding the wakes of passing cars. Genius or desperation? You be the judge.

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