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The Nines featured a week of firsts in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, which is technically the goal when you throw an invite-only expression session for the world’s best freestyle ski and snowboard athletes.

On Tuesday, April 5th, Japanese snowboarder Reira Iwabuchi put up the first-ever frontside triple 1260 in women’s snowboarding. Canadian Laurie Blouin followed that up by landing a cab triple 1260, making her just the second woman to pull that trick off. Anna Gasser was the first to do it back in 2018, so waiting four years between seeing the trick is a sure sign of the leaps and bounds we are witnessing in progression.

And then 16-year-old Hiroto Ogiwara stole the entire show and made international headlines the very next day with a trick he hadn’t even planned on doing. Ogiwara originally had his sights set on a backside 1800 and reportedly struggled with it through Tuesday. He came out Wednesday and put stuck the 1800 with way more ease than the trick had seemed the day before, so he immediately upped the ante, stomping the world’s first backside 2160 on a snowboard. For those still doing the math, that is six full rotations, which are tough to keep track of when watching the highlight in real-time for the first time. Slow it down or watch it on repeat, then count all the rotations. It is mindblowing no matter how many times the video passed around the internet since Ogiwara’s feat.


“On the last try, the take off felt so good and everything in the air was right, so I knew I had it. The instant I landed it, I was kind of shocked and wasn’t sure if I’d actually done it. I watched the video and was stoked and surprised to see that I had actually spun six full rotations!”

“Each year I think that we can’t possibly push things any further and each year the riders prove me wrong,” said the event’s founder, Nico Zacek. “I’m continually in awe of what these athletes bring to the table and glad that our event is able to help them push the sport to new levels.”

Mission accomplished.


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