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Stan Friedberg skiing with his grandaughters. Photos: Mike Weigele Heli

The Inertia


Stan Friedberg is probably the oldest heli-skier ever (his world record is still being confirmed by Gunniess). But that’s not what stoked Friedberg’s fire when he recently took a trip with Canada’s Mike Weigele Heli-Skiing to become the granddaddy of all heli-assisted shredders. It was the fact he was able to go with his son and three granddaughters.

“It was terrific,” he told the Vail Daily.

Friedberg was told by one of his son’s co-workers that the world record age for anyone heli-skiing was 88 when he was visiting the office and contemplating the trip. The friend told Friedberg he should submit to Guinness. Friedberg, a Vail, Colorado resident, is apparently a super-solid skier. Another chance encounter sealed the deal. Mike Weigele, who owns the famous heli-ski company was at birthday party for a mutual friend of Friedberg’s and overheard the idea. He invited the 91-year-old out for a heli session.  “He’s a good skier,” Weigele said. “But then, he skis regularly.”


Stan, charging.

Stan apparently splits time between Vail and Pittsburgh, PA, where a lot of his family lives, and can regularly be seen walking stairs at local football stadiums to stay in shape. On the trip, he wore a GPS and all six of his runs were filmed. The family is just waiting on verification.

“My kids got a big kick out of it,” says Stan, who it seems could care less whether Guinness confirms or not. “They say, ‘grandpa’s a world champion heli-skier. One of my granddaughters said, ‘Nobody can ever say it’s fake news — I saw it.'”




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