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Damon Way is a man who has had a very big hand in shaping a whole culture. He’s a designer, a brand marketer, and, of course, the co-founder of DC Shoes. Justin Jay, host of The Plug, a podcast that features candid conversations with compelling artists, athletes, and creators, recently sat down with him to talk story.

DC, of course, became one of the most popular skate brands of the nineties. Damon’s brother, pioneering skateboarder Danny Way, helped out with making that happen, but it was Damon’s foresight and creativity that turned DC into what it was. He was the first to implement artist collaborations and limited edition releases into DC’s product line, something that’s common among nearly all brands in the space now. But in 2004, Quiksilver bought DC and Damon lost his creative control. Now, the brand is still around, but not in the way it was in the 1990s.

In their conversation, Jay and Damon cover a variety of topics, including whether skateboarders or surfers have better style, why the music that we listen to no longer defines our identities, and why Toyota Prius headlights are so damn ugly.

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