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Gabrielle Reece knows the key to happiness.

Gabby is known to be a selfless promoter of self improvement. Photo: The Inertia

The Inertia

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Gabby Reece is an extremely impressive woman. A powerhouse, if you will. She’s a shrewd business person, running the latest family entrepreneurial endeavor, Laird Superfood. She finds time to produce her own podcast and has managed to book a number of fantastic guests from snowboarders to health experts where she goes deep to try and uncover new truths about life for her listeners. She also works as her famous surfing husband’s manager.

Most important to her, though, is her work as a mother. What I’m always impressed about with Gabby, though, is her never-ending search to improve her life and the lives of those around her. She’s always looking for better ways to live and be healthy, and treat others. Our talk was wide-ranging: we discussed family, running a business, working to improve your health, fear. All this before we discussed Laird Hamilton and some of his famous controversies, namely, when Maya Gabeira nearly died at Nazare and Laird’s comments after. Laird has spoken on this extensively with mainstream news outlets, much to the chagrin of some surfers. But his intentions were always good, says Gabby. We covered a lot of ground in 60 minutes. And it was worth every second.


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