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You’re camping with your gal. The fire is crackling, the stories are flowing, and it’s time to break out the graham crackers and marshmallows. Yup. It’s s’more time, and we want you ready to roll.

Fret not, friends. We’ve teamed up with Toyota RAV4 Adventure Grade to release Essential Outdoor Stuff, a quick, irreverent guide to doing outdoorsy stuff you should definitely know how to do. We started with how to build the proper campfire, and now we’ve moved on to the s’more. So, without further ado, let’s get roastin’.

1. Whittle a branch or a stick into a sharp skewer. You could use a store-bought skewer, but we recommend that you seize every available opportunity to whittle. That’s our advice.


2. Aim for a nice, even brown during the roasting process. This might require hovering the ‘mallow a few inches above the flame and being patient with that sweet tooth. Ideally, the marshmallow does not catch on fire.

3. That said, a quick burn at the very end caramelizes the ‘mallow, giving it a pleasant crunch.

4. Ditch the milk chocolate. The marshmallow and graham cracker already have enough sweetness. It’s all about that dark chocolate. The bitterness provides the perfect balance.


5. Stack those ingredients, smush the ‘mallow, and continue the memory-makin’. Happy camping!

Editor’s Note: Essential Outdoor Stuff is presented by Toyota RAV4 Adventure Grade.


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