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The Inertia

Ever wonder how some filmmakers and photographers can keep themselves on the beach all day while the rest of us swim around and play? It’s the exact opposite of how most of us would choose to spend a day knowing there are going to be good waves. Don’t touch the water. Don’t catch a wave for yourself. Look but don’t touch. Isn’t it boring? How do these people keep their sanity?

For Southern California filmmaker Steve Cummings, aka JacuzziSurfer, staying entertained doesn’t seem like much of a problem. In fact, from the sounds of it, the guy is perfectly happy posting up with a camera all day, throwing out a few hoots of encouragement and a chirp or two when necessary.

Enjoy 10 minutes on the beach with Steve, here. No fancy music and highlight reel moments from this week at the Wedge. Just Steve pointing a camera at the waves and giving his two cents, one soundbite at a time.


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