Struggling for a Christmas gift for your favorite surfer? Fear not, here are 10 suggestions to keep you in the good books this Christmas.

1. Quiksilver Sea Locker Surf Bag

Damp wetsuits smell, they drip seawater wherever they are left – causing stained fabric – and are awkward and cumbersome to carry. These problems cease to be an issue if you are using a Quiksilver Sea Locker. With a large sealable waterproof compartment to isolate wet items and various straps and handles to make carrying the bag easy, this is the ultimate means of transporting wet surf gear.

Price: £50 (GBP) / $80 (USD)
Purchase info: Amazon US

2. Bicycle Surf Rack

Some of us are fortunate enough to live close enough to the beach to consider leaving the car at home. But if the waves are pumping, 15 minutes walking is 15 minutes of wasted water time. However, there is another option. With this bike rack, leaving the car behind becomes an option once again. No need to find somewhere to park, no need to pay for fuel, and a nice gentle aerobic workout to warm you up for a session attacking the waves. Perfect for the eco-conscious surf addict.

Price: £60 (GBP) / $90 (USD)
Purchase info: Bike Balance

3. Dura Resin Phix Doctor

Small dings are part and parcel of regular surfing, and if allowed to leak, a tiny crack in the fiberglass slowly turns a nice white board a sickly yellow colour. To ensure a quiver is kept fresh, it is important to regularly inspect for dings, spending a few short minutes sealing holes with this ding repair glue. Easy to apply, super quick to dry, and with a smooth transparent finish, it doesn’t even matter if it’s not been particularly delicately applied. Preserve the life of a favourite board with Phix Doctor Dura Rez.

Price: £10 (GBP) / $15 (USD)
Purchase info: Amazon UK & US

4. Hawaiian Gun Surfboard Rack

Speaking of dings, how many knocks occur unnecessarily out of the water? A board sliding down the wall and crashing to the ground before someone can leap to their feet to save it is a common occurrence. The grinding and scraping of fiberglass as the desired board is unceremoniously slid from the bottom of the pile of boards sitting in the garage. And this damage is even more pointless when you consider that decent and stylish holders aren’t even particularly expensive. The Hawaiian Gun surfboard rack will keep any size board safe until called upon in the water. Plus, in a nice wooden finish, it looks great.

Price: £33 (GBP) / $50 (USD)
Purchase info: Surf Outfitter

5. Sørensen Surf Watch

In a world where everything now has to do everything, it’s nice to occasionally remind ourselves of when things weren’t quite so complicated. With a clear and simple design brief, combining functionality and style, the Sørensen watch is the perfect statement for surfers both in and out of the water. Tough enough to withstand the most extreme outdoor pursuits, and available in a variety of colours, the Sørensen Møns Klint makes the perfect gift for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Price: £87 (GBP) / $132 (USD)
Purchase info:

6. Any of Tom Anderson’s Books

If you can’t be in the water, why not read about being in the water? Tom Anderson’s writing inspires surfers and non-surfers alike. Documenting the joys of the surf trip, at the end of each book the reader will feel like they were alongside the author on his epic journey. Brilliantly written, the pages turn themselves, perfect for whiling away the time until the next surfing adventure.

Price: £5 (GBP) / $8 (USD)
Purchase info: Tom Anderson Books

7. View from a Blue Moon

There are a few timeless surf films that are absolute-must-have-classics. Big Wednesday, Endless Summer, Storm Riders–titles that have achieved cult status since their release; defining eras, cementing reputations, and unveiling new surf spots to their captivated audiences. It is unusual, though, for a surf film to be instantly catapulted to the ranks of “classic”. But that’s what happened with John John Florence’s latest offering, View from a Blue Moon. The starring surfers, director, budget and revolutionary filming techniques had this hailed as essential viewing months before it hit the screens. Best see what all the fuss is about…

Price: £16 (GBP) / $25 (USD)
Purchase info: Brain Farm Shop

strong>8. Custom Surf Wax Holder

Wax is used by every single surfer. Whether surfing tropical Indonesian waters or chasing giants in the coldest depths of the Irish sea, the thin layer of wax underfoot is essential for maintaining traction on the deck of the board. Yet despite this universal use, little thought is given to preserving or storing these blocks of wax. Chucked in the footwell of the car, left to linger in the depths of a boardbag, or allowed to gather sand and slowly melt in the sun on the shoreline, wax is often wasted. To get the most from each block, ensure it is kept safe in one of these beautifully handcrafted holders. Available in a variety of reclaimed woods, these boxes are perfect for ensuring each block of wax is used in its entirety.

Price: £22 (GBP) / $33 (USD)
Purchase info: Sakura Workshop

9. Surf Ears

An often-overlooked piece of essential surf equipment is protection for the ears. Ears don’t like being constantly flushed with water, especially not warm tropical water harbouring a variety of bacteria and germs. And cold water isn’t any better. The ear actually attempts to shut out the cold in the form of an abnormal bone growth, causing a condition known as surfer’s ear. The only way to make sure the ears are kept healthy is to keep the water out. And the best way to do that is by using a pair of good quality ear-plugs. Surf Ears are not only the most effective way of keeping water out, but still allow sound in, ensuring virtually unaltered hearing. Presented in a protective storage case, Surf Ears should be in every surfer’s kit bag.

Price: £36 (GBP) / $54 (USD)
Purchase info: Surf Ears Shop

10. Airdog Surf Drone

This must be the ultimate surf gadget. The Air Dog surf drone tracks its owner using GPS technology, recording the action beneath it on its integrated GoPro camera. It takes off and lands on its own, and is summoned to action through a control panel worn on the surfer’s wrist. Although on the expensive side, this is the definitive piece of equipment for those wanting to document their surf sessions, without the need for a personal cameraman.

Price: £1054 (GBP) / $1600 (USD)
Purchase info: Air Dog

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