The Rinse Kit automatically pressurizes the water and keeps it heated for several hours.

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The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored by RinseKit.

Friends and fans from around the world have come up with so many creative ways to use their RinseKits. They spark our imaginations, inspire new product innovations and even make us laugh. We’ve been tracking their uses and have compiled a list of 101 ways to use your RinseKit…so far.

We look forward to hearing from you to keep this list growing.

  1. Avoid that sour car smell by flushing the pee out of your wetsuit before leaving it to bake in the hot sun.
  2. Leave your RinseKit out in the sun and take a warm shower post ocean swim, surf, workout.
  3. A mobile unit for a flash wet t-shirt contest.
  4. Measure your catch with the RinseKit lid.
  5. Clean off your mountain bike after a dusty ride.
  6. Sanitize yourself after surfing in front of that dirty river mouth.
  7. Keep it under your desk for an elevated foot rest.
  8. Have a wet dance party.
  9. Baja bound has never felt so good. Bathe at least once before you cross over the border.
  10. Clean up your dog’s pee stain from the carpet.
  11. Cool off high school baseball players between innings with a personal mister.
  12. Put out your campfire.
  13. Use the mist setting to cool off during a killer heat stroke.
  14. Take RinseKit with you to your next equestrian show and cool off your prize winning pony.
  15. Give your dog a drink since it is BPA free.
  16. Fill up your radiator when your car overheats.
  17. Wash off the cake that your husband smashed in your face.
  18. Fill with margarita mix on Cinco de Mayo and serve epic pressurized margaritas.
  19. Wash your waterfowl decoy.
  20. Clean off the sand between your toes before putting your shoes on.
  21. Wash down your muddy boots.
  22. Quickly put out a small wild fire.
  23. Mist down your four-legged friend after a long hike.
  24. Save water, shower with a friend.
  25. Give your fresh catch a quick rinse before you take it home.
  26. Hook up a self regulating timer to the hose nozzle and water your plants while you are away.
  27. Wash down the sidewalk in front of a restaurant after a child throws up his breakfast.
  28. Detour the trail of ants leading into your bag of chips.
  29. Mist yourself while tanning on a hot summer day.
  30. Clean off your pots and pans at your at the campsite.
  31. Give yourself a quick shower after a lunchtime run.
  32. Pimp out your surf mobile with a fancy portable shower.
  33. Rinse off your face camo after a hunt.
  34. Rinse the chlorine off your tight Speedo after you get out of the pool.
  35. Clean out your rain gutters.
  36. Reduce the risk of cross contamination by immediately rinsing your fishing waders.
  37. Throw it on the back of your ATV for clean up in the outback.
  38. Look, smell and feel better by rinsing off the saltwater before heading into the office.
  39. Leave mud at the adventure race before heading for a celebratory beer.
  40. Power blast that fresh dog poop off your deck.
  41. Clean the sweat off your forehead post cross-training workout.
  42. Rinse sand, salt or dirt off your fishing gear.
  43. Keep your hair from dreading by rinsing out all that sand and salt post surf.
  44. Keep your tub free of dog hair and give your furry friend a warm bath outside.
  45. Explore more wilderness now that you can literally take a shower anywhere.
  46. Use it as a table for your camping stove and lantern.
  47. Bathe your body after a dirty day’s hunt.
  48. Spray your friend back into reality while he zones s out on that hot girl on the beach.
  49. Mist your best friend running across that marathon finish line.
  50. Add a few ounces of bleach to disinfect yourself after  carrying a sick person.
  51. Scare away wild animals by blasting them with the jet setting.
  52. Did your fin decide to take a little bite out of you? Clean the sand and salt out of your wound.
  53. Keep your hunting dogs cool and hydrated.
  54. Blast down the hornets nest in front of your garage.
  55. Clean your motocross goggles and helmet on a muddy moto practice day.
  56. Spray off the dirt between your pup’s paws before you let him back in the car.
  57. Clean out that green mold growing in your koi pond.
  58. Hose down your mountain bike before loading it in the car.
  59. Fill it with your favorite beer and party on!
  60. Clean the saltwater off your boat.
  61. RinseKit makes the perfect onboard wash down station while fishing from a boat.
  62. Blast the cat stuck up in the tree.
  63. Rinse off your trunks that you just shit in after the scariest barrel of your life.
  64. Rinse down your surfboard before throwing it back in the bag.
  65. Take a naked shower out in the woods.
  66. Stand on the RinseKit on the deck of your boat to make it easier to see fish when sight fishing.
  67. Spray the hot ground so you don’t burn your feet.
  68. Spray down your yoga or jiu jitsu mat post workout.
  69. Cool off between transitions in your next triathlon.
  70. Use your RinseKit as a “Jon Boat” Seat.
  71. Blast off the bird poop that landed on your windshield.
  72. Keep your meat cool by spraying it with your RinseKit.
  73. Spray a person that you are asking for directions when you’re lost.
  74. Let your kids have an epic water fight with the RinseKit jet setting.
  75. Post surf -Use the jet setting to spray that kook that dropped in on your perfect left.
  76. Mobile Bidet – clean off the kiddos on a road trip after any major blowout.
  77. Clean the poop out of your chicken coop.
  78. Wash off your pet pig after she rolls around in the dirt.
  79. Keep your kayak in top condition by spraying it clean after your latest expedition.
  80. Mist yourself for 30 minutes.
  81. Rinse your MX bike before loading it up.
  82. Rinse your rod.
  83. Blast the mud off your  friends face after you roosted him.
  84. Flush the salt water out of your outboard motor.
  85. Rinse your hands and arms – no fish slime and grime.
  86. Clean out your cuts or wounds after going big.
  87. Rinse the dirt off your kids feet before they jump into their sleeping bags.
  88. Keep your scuba gear erosion free by rinsing the salt water off immediately.
  89. Mist your kids’ at their soccer game.
  90. Keep the beach out of your car by washing the sand and salt off your kids before they jump in the backseat.
  91. Wash your kid’s sticky hands before you let them give you a hug.
  92. Got bootie juice? Sanitize the area with the RinseKit jet setting.
  93. Lift your feet & take a seat after a long day.
  94. Get that sand and salt off your pup’s fur after he digs holes at the beach.
  95. Spray yourself in the face to wake up and get going after a big night.
  96. Rinse the saltwater off your SUP before your next voyage.
  97. Clean up and cool down a pipe after welding in the field.
  98. Clean up after a lunchtime workout.
  99. Water your plants where the hose can’t reach.
  100. Wash livestock before inoculations.
  101. Make it rain.
Just another way to RinseKit.

Just another way to RinseKit.

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored by RinseKit.


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