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The Inertia

Sabre Norris is a name you’ll probably become familiar with over the next few years. The 11-year old from Newcastle is competing as a wildcard in the Sydney International Pro, making her the second youngest surfer to ever compete in a WSL or ASP event (by just a matter of days), according to the WSL. That’s a pretty awesome accomplishment for a pre-teen ripper, especially when you consider the wildcard was granted by one of Norris’ own heroes, Sally Fitzgibbons.

The event is on standby today and Norris is lined up in a Round 3 heat with Sage Erickson, Tia Blanco and Japan’s Natsuki Suda, so this is no novelty appearance for a cute kid. She’s right in the thick of a WQS competition, which is surely going to garner plenty of attention and, you guessed it, TV time. And when Sabre appeared on 9 News Perth for a live interview she certainly nailed it. It’s three minutes and forty-five seconds of solid laughs. She’s excited, she admits she’s a bit nervous…nervous enough to vomit. And she’s excited for the prize money. So she can buy $250 worth of donuts.

When asked about her dad (Justin Norris was an Olympic swimmer and medalist), Sabre wastes no time in throwing pops under the buss.


“Yeah, my dad used to be an athlete, but now he’s um, pretty fat.”

All athlete interviews should be this awesome.





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