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In Arabic, Morocco is called al-Magrib al-Aqsa, which simply means “the extreme west.” It has many beautiful spots for sight-seeing and vacations. In 2016, more than 10 million people visited Morocco. From the Sahara dunes to the cultural bazaars, Morocco is one of the best places to visit no matter your interests.

But the most beloved activity is, without a doubt, surfing. The Taghazout area is particularly famous for its spots that welcome surfers from all over the world. Your best bet to score here is between October and April, with plenty of waves and favorable winds. So with that, here are 12 of Morocco’s best waves:

This is an incredible surf spot with clean and consistent tides. It is a must visit place for everyone who loves to surf.

Mysteries is a world-famous spot situated only a 100 meters away from Anchor Point. The takeoff zone sits over the reef on various tides, making this a pretty exciting place to surf.


Another wave located near the Anchor point. It gets its name from the belief that people living near this beach smoke too much hash and thus have no energy left to make the rest of the trek up to Anchor Point. It has a faster break point with medium to large swells, but it can be a wonderful spot to just sit and relax as well.

This spot gets its name from a nearby shipwreck. You can see the boiler of a boat in the beginning of the wave, making it one of the most critical waves. If you’re a pro in search of an adrenaline rush, this is the place for you, with perfect, head high waves that can run as long as 400 meters.

This is one of the most visited spots because it is close to the village near Banana Point Break. It is a perfect spot for you if you’re learning to surf with its diverse waves, even if the name does make it sound scary.

Banana Beach is present that just happens to be sitting right next to Devil’s Rock and a convenient location near Aourir Village. As for the waves, they’re suitable for both intermediate and experienced surfers.

This is the beach to go to if you’re just starting out. It has a soft sand bottom with light wind blowing in from the north. It is protected by Isle de Mogador and works on various swell sizes.


Safi Beach is located in Essaouira, with two distinct spots for surfing. Both are some of the more challenging waves in the area.

THE CATHEDRAL in Imsouane:
This spot has several peaks on the left and right that work best at around head high.

Tamri is one of the most consistent surf spots and one of the most popular during the summer months, meaning both the locals and the tourists make a point to enjoy this one.

Killers Point is another consistent beach break. It can be difficult paddling here because of the length of the wave, but it is a wonderful place to spend a day chasing an adrenaline rush.

This is another wave that is pretty great for beginning surfers. It’s also home to surf camps and surf schools in the area, so it’s pretty ideal for visitors looking for a lesson.

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