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If you like it put a ring on it.

If you like it put a ring on it.

The Inertia

Bodysurfers are the mermaids and man-fish of the sea. There’s just something so mysterious, sexy, and alluring about them. The team at Slyde Handboards shares 12 Reasons why a bodysurfer is such a great catch, and why you should definitely date or marry one.

1. You’ll never be bored. Being creative, carefree, and kooky come with the territory. Bodysurfers go against the grain and make every day FUN.

2. You can’t have bodysurfing without BODY. Typically, a hot one with nice glutes, quads, and calves from all the kicking.

3. They’re devoted to the ocean. There’s no need trip, they’ve got only eyes for YOU and the sea.

4. You’ll make Instafriends. Since bodysurfers tend to run in packs, teams, or crews, you’ll automatically gain a bunch of new friends.

5. You’ll travel to exotic beach destinations. Wanderlust and new adventures go hand in hand with a bodysurfer.

6. They’re simple, chill, and relaxed. When you’re not scared to rock a speedo, life is full of good vibes.

7. You’ll laugh along side their bodysurfing alter-ego and maybe get assigned a mythical name of your own… like @Belly_slater @Captain_kookman, or el_WoMpO.

8. They’re selfie pros. Never under estimate the skills of waterman or woman who can capture killer action shots while in a barrel and throwing up the shaka.

9. Life just gets lighter, especially when traveling. Gear doesn’t fill up the car or require oversize baggage. All you need are a pair of fins, a smile, and the occasional handboards.

10. They have waves on the brain. They’re able to read and navigate the waves like Jacques Cousteau, they’ve got ocean knowledge for days and tend to be patient teachers.

11. Thanks to the ocean, personal hygiene is always handled. Bodysurfers keep themselves salty fresh and clean.

12. They’ve got moves like Jagger. Have you seen the bodysurfing dude that did a front flip recently and then carried on gliding through the wave? What’s done on water can and will be done on land… or should I say between the sheets?


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