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The Inertia

“I think this Eddie will go down as one of the best.” That’s how Clyde Aikau summed the day up, and who would want to argue with that?

A major piece of the recipe that made this running of the Eddie “one of the best” was certainly the size, with some (including Aikau) saying it was the biggest day in the history of the contest. But the guys surfing it certainly kept up their end of the bargain. Twiggy survived one of the craziest wipeouts of the winter. Kelly snagged a ridiculous barrel. Jamie O’Brien, Makua Rothman, Shane Dorian – you name him, he charged. Ross Clarke-Jones nearly became the Eddie’s first two-time champ, and of course the hometown hero stepped into a new realm when John John won it all. Yes, everybody rose to the occasion in the best possible way of honoring Eddie himself.

This was one of the books.


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