The Inertia

This was a monumental day for women and for bodysurfing. A new benchmark has been set for the most women to bodysurf a single wave when 13 hard-charging ladies hit the water on Tuesday morning.

Let’s hear it for these ladies!

Here are the athletes that participated:


-Calla Allison (9-time World Bodysurfing Champion in age group, 5-time World Grand Champion-Women),
-Meredith Rose, (2-time Wolrd Champion age group),
-Scotti Shafer (2-time World Champion age group & 2-time Women’s Pipeline Masters Champion),
-Sunny Ricard (multiple time World Champion age group finalist)
-Angela Oschmann (multiple World Champion age group finalist),
-Morgan Launer (multiple World Champion age group finalist),
-Sue Lafferty,
-Christy Hahn,
-Hayley Nemeroff,
-Lyn Shafer,
-Alessandra Barbosa,
-Colleen Boyd Turner,
-Sabrina Jutronich (8 years-old Champion, multiple-time World Champion age group finalist)


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