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There’s something inherently alluring in having to use your passport to find waves. The thought of scoring far from home carries a level of intrigue that’s not necessarily better than an epic session at your local. It’s just different in all sorts of beautiful ways. And considering almost every surfer on the planet experienced some kind of restriction from such adventures in the past 18 months, from closed beaches and outright surf bans to closed borders, 2021 is a year to truly appreciate the surf trip’s revival.

For 13-year old Outer Banks grom Will Deane, that just meant a Central American strike mission with five friends.

“We couldn’t have planned this trip at a better time,” Deane told The Inertia. “The surf at Colorados was pumping the whole time!”

Aside from just getting away from home, the trip included another pre-2020 novelty: crossing borders. The crew moved between Costa Rica and Nicaragua — something Deane admits was “a little bit of a hassle but so worth it.” Their reward was an entire week of pumping surf with next to no crowds.

“I think we only had one session that was sort of blown out,” he says.


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