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Click on the image and head to 38:15 to watch the interview.

Click on the image and head to 38:15 to watch the interview.

The Inertia

Finn McGill is really young to win the Pipeline Invitational.The insanely talented sixteen-year-old local worked his way through the smallish conditions to take the win. Pipe veteran Gavin Beschen found himself in second place, earning a wildcard entry as well.

As any 16-year-old who just won a spot in the Pipe Masters would be, Finn might be the happiest interviewee that’s ever been interviewed. “I heard I was in the contest and I was screaming in my bedroom,” said Finn in the post-heat interview. “I was so stoked. I’ve been coming here since I was three years old. I’ve been wanting to be in the Pipe Masters my whole life. I went to school right across the street; I remember sitting in class listening to the scores. So stoked right now.”

Finn’s a familiar face on the North Shore. “I’ve been surfing here my whole life, and I just wanted to get some waves with three or four guys out,” he said. “That was just my whole mentality going into this.” The win pits him against Jordy Smith and Keanu Asing in round one. “How does that resonate with you?” asked Rosie Hodge. “….so sick,” McGill answered. “I can’t even speak right now I’m so stoked.”



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