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Sharks are in the ocean. They swim around look for food, eating food, and occasionally pooping that food out onto unsuspecting cage divers. For how many there are swimming around down there, it’s somewhat surprising that we don’t see them all that often as we flail around dressed up like injured seals.

Mitch Hargreaves, a 19-year-old with a GoPro in his mouth, did see one at Cellito Beach in New South Wales, Australia, where he’d seen a few dolphins the day before. “At first I thought it was seaweed, but as I got closer I saw it was moving and it was a shark,” Hargreaves told The Manly Daily. “I was alongside it and then I went over it. I was in disbelief. I tried yelling ‘shark’ through my mouthpiece to warn my dad and the others behind me, but no one heard. I was waving from the shore, and when they eventually came in they didn’t believe meā€”until they saw the video.”

It’s pretty hard to tell exactly how big the shark is, or what kind, but Hargreaves thinks it was a 6-foot bull shark.


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