The Inertia

South Australia boasts a coastline of more than 4700 kilometres, landscapes from desert to raw southern ocean islands. From sand dunes, to reefs, wineries, sweeping roads, cities, trails, farms and forests.

I will be cycling the entire South Australian coast, crossing the Nullarbor and ending on the Limestone Coast, starting it all at the Border Village in the west.

For 6 months, camping every night, waiting for light, the goal will be to capture the LAND SEA YOU ME – documenting the road, the surf, the people, places, spaces and all that makes the state of South Australia truly unique. Riding a bike through all of this will allow me to see, smell, feel and experience what can be missed by doing it all in a car. Combining my love and respect for the ocean, surf, adventure, cycling, tourism with my profession as a photographer, the trip will be a grueling test of the relationship that I have with South Australia. It will challenge both physicality and his psychological toughness. I will have all of his photographic, camping and living equipment on board the bike. These will be days spent stripped down to the essentials: sleeping, eating, cycling and photographing. And I plan to live- blog the entire trip.

LAND: The journey will take place on land, photographing some of SA’s most wondrous landscapes. It will be an interaction between adventurer and landscape. It will be a showcase of the raw, unbridled beauty of our country. The misty mornings, the scorching heat of the day and the cold nights, exploring the relationship of the people and their land, the Indigenous history and our future.


SEA: The sea will be shared by the surfers, and the oceanic megafauna along the coast, by the farmers, the divers, the fishos and families on holiday. I will capture it all from land and at sea level. It is the whitecaps, the rolling waves and fog, the calm days, the cliffs of the Nullarbor, the sunsets over the ocean, the shipwrecks and salty tales.

YOU: These are the people that we inevitably meet along every journey. This is everyone who follows the journey, reads the book, or buys a print. YOU is the collective people who offer meal or a roof for the night. YOU are the friendly folk of South Australia’s coast, the workers, the drifters, families who have made their homes nestled amongst the dunes. YOU are the sponsors and supporters who make this journey possible.

ME: This is the relationship between myself, the bike and the road. These are the gruelling kilometres I will put in the saddle


Only the best. We promise.


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