The Inertia

Following a trip to Hawaii, my travels continued when I caught a flight over to South America. After arriving in Iquique, a city along the northern coast of Chile, I set up camp at a hostel that was next to the local surf shop. I was absolutely stoked. I coordinated with the owners of the shop and a few local pros to get around some of the waves there. After a 24-hour bus ride and another hour drive along a dirt road, we arrived at a wooden cabin outside a very small village. The next few weeks were filled with bliss and waves. On our return to Iquique, though, we were plagued with a series of unfortunate events: a car crash on the highway, injuries, a totaled car, little sleep, a missed flight, another 24-hour bus ride, and an earthquake. And all this within a period of two days. But as I’ve learned in my travels, that’s all part of the adventure.

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