The Inertia

The Puerto Escondido Cup was more exciting than ever. It was great to see so many Mexicans represented in each heat and all surfing so well. I think it pushes the sport and inspires all the younger generations of locals.

The highlight of the event for me was the women’s heat. And it’s not just because they were making history by surfing in the first-ever women’s big wave event in Latin America, but also because they all charged hard and surpassed everyone’s expectations. The waves kept building through the day and by the time their heat rolled around, the waves were even bigger. That didn’t stop the ladies and they all went for it, proving that they’re pushing the limits.

The surprise of it all was a Mexican girl that had never surfed Zicatela on a big day or even at a big wave event before the Puerto Escondido Cup. Regardless, Isabelle Leonhardt dropped in on a huge backside bomb that placed her second in the women’s heat and made all the Mexican fans proud.

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