The Inertia

Teahupoo is incredible. And as they do when the place turns on, a few of the best big wave surfers in the world show up to throw themselves over some of the biggest ledges in the world… and throw themselves they did back in July. On a swell like that one, everyone’s a stand out, but there were a few in particular that really put on a show. “The stuff guys are doing these days is seriously nuts… into the oblivion not knowing what happens when you wipeout. But the craziest guy of all is a girl… Keala Kennelly. WTF, KK? ‪#‎MakingMenLookLikeBoys‬” said Kelly Slater.

And of course, there’s Nicolo Porcella’s absolutely mind-bogglingly bad wipeout. Let’s not forget that. Let’s never forget that.

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