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One of the most important things to creating a powerful and strong surfing body is to start by building a proper base. Before moving into plyometrics and explosive exercises, building endurance, stability and balance are key. Master Trainer and former professional surfer Eddie Lester met up with pro surfer Bruna Schmitz to go over the three best exercises for building this stable and enduring base. Try to perform these exercises twice a week for the best results.

Exercise 1: Alternating Arm Raise

This exercise improves your paddling by providing a great endurance and stability base for the shoulders by working the deltoid muscle and all stabilizers of the shoulder. It also challenges the core as you are forced to counteract the arm raises with the opposite side core muscles. Do 3 Sets of 20 reps for optimal effectiveness.


Exercise 2: Arm Overhead Single Leg Deadlift  

With a focus on strengthening the posterior chain, this exercise challenges the balance muscles and stabilizers of the core and hip to really bring you optimal control on your surfboard. This also assists in stretching the hamstring which is a commonly tight muscle that can affect your surfing style and performance. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each leg for an optimal response.

Exercise 3: Controlled Rotating Lunge

Ready to feel the burn? This exercise is one of the best movements that mimic the surfing stance and creates great stability in the hips, core and all lower body. Be sure to stay low and pivot your back foot to ensure effectiveness. Perform 3 sets of 12 repetitions at a slow controlled pace.

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