Whether you’re learning to surf or you’ve been at it a while, at some stage everyone goes through the “How do I pick my slow ass up?!” phase – or something to that tune. When you really think about it, there are so many variables that go into an Usain-Bolt-style pop up that it can become a bit overwhelming. I’ll break it down for you…

You need strength in your core to lift through your mid section and balance at the same time.
You need explosive strength in your chest and arms to lift the upper body from the board.
You need wrist, forearm, and shoulder strength to stabilize the board underneath you as you get up.
You need back strength to hold your chest and shoulders off the board allowing you to get your hands and arms underneath you.
You need solid lungs to intake the necessary oxygen required to assist those muscles calling on explosive power.
You need foot and ankle strength to find the board and stabilize as soon as they hit the deck.
And you need leg strength plus knee stability to immediately move the board where you want it to go.

All this is required in just a few seconds.

So here are 3 moves to build up your all around pop up fitness and speed. Aim to complete all moves with 3 Sets X 10 – 15 Reps

1. Lunges, Shoulders, Chest, Core and Explosive Power

Pop Up Pyke Snap: It’s all about the lift in this move. Starting on your belly, think about drawing it in and lifting from the core/hips to get your body up. Slowly lower your body back down to the floor and repeat.

2. Lungs, Foot, Ankle, Leg + Back

Plank Row plus Pop using manageable weights of your choice: Start with a rowing motion. Stand bringing the back leg through and jump up. Swing the lifted leg back without touching the floor and repeat. Don’t forget to complete on each side!

3. Lunges, Arms, Wrists + Core

Paddle Pumps: Try these out with your feet on the floor first before you hit the fitball under your feet. Can be completed on a BOSU (as seen) or on an Indo Board or wobble disc of some sort. Each Rep is 10 SLOW pumps and 10 FAST pumps. Remember to breathe!

For more information and workout videos to help you improve your surfing and fitness from the comfort of your own home, sign up for a Surf Style Training membership. You can check out the Little Bantam Facebook page and follow me on Instagram for daily surf fitness inspiration and mini workouts. Cheers!


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