The Inertia

Who would have known that Corsica and Sardinia could provide decent snow and waves? 3FWB is a crew that encompasses the rugged and thrill-seeking form of travel and cinematography built around the idea of three friends coming together for three weeks with three boards — skate, snow, and surf. The adventures all comes full cycle in their version of a half an hour travel documentary. This specific installment is their third trip three years into filming.


“The best part about traveling is that you can’t arrange much in advance,” says Reif. “You travel into the unknown and have to deal with the condition.”


The three friends from Europe — Maximalian Meisberger, Matze Reif, and Benno Poster — commence their travels in Innsbruck, Austria, opening their documentary series in 2013 with a trip around Europe…

…followed in 2014 with a trip through the mountains of Spain and Morocco to the ocean in between…


…and have just followed up their series in 2015 with a excursion to discover the mountains and waves of Corsica and Sardinia.


This journey takes the friends in their old fiat campervan from the Tyrol Mountains of Austria to Corsica where they uncover snow in the Monte Cinto Mountains at the station de ski Ghisoni, only to arrive to tiny waves on the Mediterranean beaches of Corsica. The crew strikes two-meter waves at mini-capo in the Sassari area of Sardinia where a local photographer describes the waves as “nearly the Italian Pipeline.”




Overall, the crew does an excellent job of highlighting the landscape and the people they meet along the way. The cinematography flows well with the music and dialogue proving to show that these riders continue to refine their style and technique. As the series continues, it will be interesting to see where their adventures take them in the coming year.


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