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The Inertia

Being a professional surfer is one unique way to ride through life. It’s something people dream about, for sure, hopping around the globe and regularly finding your way into the best waves on the planet. And as a complement to that, you end up experiencing every culture each destination has to offer along with their waves — something very few humans ever have the opportunity to do. Top it all off with meeting a lot of interesting people along the way who probably also surf and surf well.

On the other side of that coin comes layovers. Last-minute flight changes. Finding couches to sleep on when it’s pumping and you just can’t bring yourself to skip town yet. Oh, and don’t forget footing the bill for a good chunk of these not-so-glamorous perks of the job.

Ian Crane spends his fair share of time on the road with different characters finding different waves. CRANE BRAIN is his feature-length project highlighting all of this without the frills of a snappy plot line or narrator. It’s glimpses of his travels, a lot of great waves from a lot of beautiful places, and Crane’s aggressive and colorful style in and out of the water. And you won’t know any of the locations or the timelines unless you personally recognize a landmark here or there.


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