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The Inertia

Have you gotten sick of hearing or talking about how much the East Coast just got absolutely nuked by swell resulting in a run of amazing barrels to be had by all? Good, because we haven’t either.

The more and more videos and photos and captions pop up in our feed with surfers declaring this was the “biggest ever” the deeper it sinks in. The nor’easter that just brought NYC to life brought overhead waves for the good part of a week and completely insane conditions to top it off; to the point that guys like Casey Willax found themselves undergunned, texting buddies and borrowing old step-ups just to survive what turned out to be a historic swell.

What’s the lesson in all of this? Swells like this don’t come along often but when they do everyone just seems to know they’re special – and if they’re able, they drop everything and surf until they can’t move their arms.


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