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Rent vans with Escape Camper Vans

The Santa Cruz: perfect for the minimalist. Photos: Escape Campervans

The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This feature was made in partnership with our friends at Escape Campervans.

From Vancouver Island to San Diego, the options for camping and surfing are, well, infinite. Whether it’s the tree-lined coves and inlets of the Pacific Northwest or the desert coastlines of Encinitas, you can pretty much find every kind of wave, and every kind of surfing environment if you’re willing to do the time on the road. But not all of us can afford the #vanlife, or have time to maintain a home on wheels if we do.

Enter Escape Campervans, a New Zealand-born company specializing in a Kiwi tradition: well-equipped rigs for the traveling outdoor lifestyle. All Escape Campervans come fully equipped, custom-built by Escape’s in-house team and are hand painted. With locations in 12 hubs across the country, from New York to Los Angeles and Atlanta to Vancouver, British, Columbia, you don’t even have to limit your wanderlust to the left side of the country. But if you prefer the West, here are four campervan options you can rent for your next adventure.

The Santa Cruz


The Santa Cruz is ideal for the quick mission for the solo adventurer or even getting on the search with a partner. This rig has been pared down to just the things you need and is easy to take anywhere, from the beach to the ski resort parking lot, able to maneuver winding coastal highways or crowded parking lots looking for wifi at the coffee shop. It’s also the most fuel efficient of Escape’s line while still being able to store all of the essential gear to go hard.

As far as the essentials, the Santa Cruz features a double bed, perfect for you and a partner, a one-burner stove, dual-powered fridge and a sizeable water tank (3.5 gallons). The bed is permanent in the back and the stove and storage drawers are kept under the back of the bed with rear trunk access. Additional drawers for storage are available near the side entry. Our favorite part of this model – different from the others – is the vertical trunk opening – it makes for unbeatable, unobstructed ocean views out the back.

Rent vans with Escape Camper Vans

Need more elbow room? Try the Mavericks.

The Mavericks

Seeking more elbow room on your travels? A little more space with loads of storage and a comfy bed? The Mavericks is a full-on road-trippin’ machine, made for families or couples looking to get on the open highways and byways for extended periods of time.

The Mavericks boasts a “dining room” (two benches and a table) that converts into a queen-sized bed for extra-roomy sleep, a two-burner propane stove, refrigerator, 5-gallon water tank and all the extras offered with Escape’s other models. If you’re traveling with kids or an extra couple, you can add on a rooftop sleeper that sleeps two. Insider tip: the Mavericks is the most budget-friendly of all the models, allowing you to save some extra bucks for that special meal or coffee shop.


You can rent van life and take a road trip with Escape Camper Vans

The Big Sur is for groups.

The Big Sur

If you’re traveling with a small group or family and need a little more space, the Big Sur takes the essentials of the Mavericks and supersizes them a bit, without sacrificing the driveability. The Big Sur has about two feet on the Mavericks, which allows travelers to keep the rear bucket seats up, even when the bed is down for more seating to relax in the evening, or quick trips up to the trailhead for a hike to catch the sunrise. It’s popular for families too, since they can leave the car seats in place.

The rooftop sleeper is again an option, the five-gallon water tank is standard, as is the refrigerator along with all the reliability of the Escape line. The Big Sur seats/sleeps up to five, so you can bring the whole crew! All the space you need to access your favorite beach campgrounds and the waves near them.

You can rent van life and take a road trip with Escape Camper Vans

The Indie Camper makes for a fantastic home on wheels.

Indie Camper

The Indie Camper has absolutely everything you need for life on the road. It sleeps up to three with a queen-sized bed that doesn’t need to be folded down every night, plus a kitchen table that converts into an additional double bed. Then there’s the bathroom, shower, and toilet, a full kitchen with running water and microwave as well as A/C and heat. Note, the Indie Camper needs to be plugged into electrical hookups overnight for all systems to function properly, so keep this in mind while you plan, as this will impact your campground options. So, if you’d prefer some luxury comforts and don’t mind sacrificing a bit of freedom, this one’s for you. The Indie Camper is a fantastic option for those travelers that want a little more space and luxury while on the search for wave-riding nirvana.

If you surf, ride snow or otherwise play outdoors then road trips are a part of your life. Escape Campervans makes finding the perfect van, RV or camper easy so you can worry about the important stuff.

Editor’s Note: This feature was made in partnership with our friends at Escape Campervans.


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