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Thieves are dicks. Make it harder for them. Photo: Motor Authority

Thieves are dicks. Make it harder for them. Photo: Motor Authority

The Inertia

Unless you’re lucky enough to live within walking or bicycling distance from a decent wave, you’ve struggled with where to leave your keys. Under the wheel well? Too obvious. By the gas cap? Yeah, that’s even more obvious. One of those little magnetic boxes? Well, maybe–but don’t drive over any bumps. Like, no bumps at all. Of course, there’s always the key holder in your wetsuit and on your leash, but what about if you’ve got a key that can’t get wet? Well, that means two things: your car is nicer than 3/4 of the people you’re surfing with, and you need a good place to hide your key. We’ve got your back!

1. This permanent lock box.

Mount this thing pretty much anywhere you want. Screw it into your wheel well, onto the frame, your tow hitch, or into the box (if you’re driving a pickup). The combination is up to you, and you can change it whenever you want.

2. This combination padlock.


Don’t want something permanent? Fair enough. There are a million places you could attach to your vehicle, and it’s not very big. Apparently, it only fits three keys, so it’s pretty much perfect unless you’re one of those people with a key ring the size of a pineapple.

3. This tiny, cheap lockbox.

Walmart might suck for mom and pop shops, but it sure is great for the person who wants to buy anything and everything, and wants to buy it for cheap. This little thing has a 6″ cable lanyard attached to a mini-safe big enough for your keys, a few bucks, and maybe your wedding ring if you’re smart. Losing that is worse than losing your keys. And for under $15, you’re not going to find anything cheaper or more simple.

4. This hitch safe.

This one’s a little more expensive, but arguably the best of the bunch–if you’ve got a hitch, that is. Chances are good that you’re not using it more than you’re using it, so pull that ball mount out and put the extra space to good use.

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