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The Inertia

Let’s start this off with a disclaimer. This list wasn’t created just to promote the over-commercialized, “national singles” day. I actually despise the tradition of giving corny gifts or the pressure to plan a Pinterest-worthy Valentine’s Day experience. I’d much rather spend the day surfing with the people I love, which is the way God intended, right?! With that being said, if you have a surfer girl in your life and you need a thoughtful gift to show her your affection on Valentine’s Day, this post will help you out. These won’t break the bank and quite honestly, they’re really simple and obvious gifts any lady who gets a regular saltwater fix can appreciate.

Sun Protection:

Water, salt, and constant sun exposure may be a recipe for perfectly bronzed complexion but they are also a perfect wave of skin damaging destruction. Since your surfer girl won’t give up her waves, try treating her to some skin protecting love.

A good sunscreen that works well in repelling UV rays and not feel sticky or oily can be hard to find. Surfer-approved Shade Sunscreen is a product that has a light tint, is mineral-based, and works effectively without irritating skin, migrating into the eyes or creating acne. It’s just one example of how complex the whole sunscreen game can actually be and how you can put some thought into a very basic necessity for any surfer. It’s not always as simple as going to the market and picking the first thing you find on the shelf. We can and should consider everything from how environmentally friendly our sunscreen choice is to whether or not a particular sunscreen’s label is telling you the truth about what’s inside.


Hair Care:

While the duo of sun and salt can help a surfer girl gain those “sun-kissed” highlights that would make even Blake Lively jealous, the natural elements can actually dry out our hair. No girl wants a fried and damaged mane. Ladies need to show some TLC to their locks before and after their surf session with products that put moisture back into their hair.

A product that beach lovers and the pros swear by is the Leave-In Conditioner by It’s a 10. This popular product repairs dry damaged hair in a number of ways that are bound to make your surfer girl happy with her healthy hair and your biggest fan.

Used by pro surfers: Alessa Quizon, Bruna Schmitz, Kelia Moniz, Tatiana Weston-Webb, and Stephanie Gilmore.

A bonus for the conscious surfer: This product is cruelty-free.


Another brand that not only is used by the pros but also supports the surfing industry is Paul Mitchell. Paul Mitchell sponsors numerous action sports athletes as well as the Supergirl Pro Contest. Popular lines used by surfers include the Classic Conditioner and Awapuhi. These products help surfer girls worry less about damaged hair so they focus on the waves.

Used by pro surfers: Holly Obermeyer and Malia Manuel.

A bonus for the conscious surfer: The mentioned products are eco-friendly and or cruelty-free.

Swim Wear:

No surfer girl wants to worry about bikini malfunctions while getting barreled. This may not don on you fellas, but swimwear that actually stays on during our sessions is essential. A bikini that performs well and is stylish is the bee’s knees. Now, it may seem that the selection is as endless as the ocean when it comes to bikinis. One place to start is to get particular and pick out an eco-friendly piece for your lady. Here are my favorite, surfer-approved, eco-friendly bikini brands. Each company promotes a sustainable production process and uses recycled materials that were found in the ocean or would have otherwise ended up in it.

Kai Kini: This sustainable brand out of Hawaii has pieces that are styled for adventure while being durable to avoid malfunctions. What surfers love about the “kini” are that the bottoms stay on while in the waves and the prints are fun.

Koru Swimwear: The surfer-approved collections are made from luxury Italian fabric derived from discarded fishing nets. In addition to swimsuits, they have a collection of activewear that is made from the same materials and geared to girls who are active in the water.

Odina: This eco-friendly brand produces “adventure” wear that is made from recycled plastics. Odina uses surfer girls in their ad campaigns and gets feedback from surfers on the fit and function. You may have already seen an Odina bikini if you follow popular surfer girl and adventurist Alison Teal from Alison’s Adventures.


Now, many men might be intimidated by the thought of going out and picking a bikini for his better half. A little research can help you understand how to find a proper performance-minded bikini, and believe it or not there’s even a guy’s guide to buying a Brazilian bikini for his girlfriend. It’s just a reminder that the thought really is what counts.

Anything by Heather Brown 

Heather Brown is a surfer and an artist who’s work is inspired by her love for the sea, popular surf breaks and the Hawaiian islands where she lives. Her artwork is woven into every corner of the surf world, including a girls clothing line for Rip Curl USA, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, Jack Johnson’s Kokua Festival and the Surfrider Foundation. You seriously can’t go wrong with anything that has Heather Brown Art on it. It will put a smile on any surfer girl’s face.


Heather Brown Art Instagram @heatherbrownart


A bonus for the conscious surfer: You can choose Heather Brown’s eco-friendly reusable totes or sustainable tumblers.

Whatever the reason you are shopping for a surfer girl, keep these tips in mind and you are bound to have her stoked on Valentine’s Day.


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