Roosterfish in Panama. Beautiful.

Roosterfish in Panama. Beautiful.

The Inertia

A sport that many surfers can closely relate to is spearfishing. The ideologies in both sports are very similar – so similar, in fact, that they would probably get along really well if they decided to vacation together.  Why are they related? Both surfers and spearfishers consider themselves to be “watermen” (and women). Their shared goal is to develop skill sets that allow them to become one with the ocean while having fun in the water.

Not surprisingly, many surfers also moonlight as “spearos,” or  people who like spearfishing, so this article is devoted to educating you about four places you can catch a few waves and a few fish.

1. Wisconsin

For whatever reason, this is one of my favorite places to write about. Even if you live in the Midwest of the United States, there is still a place for you to develop your aquatic abilities.

Although the surfing is less than consistent, many people will still surf on the Great Lakes that border Wisconsin.  You may have to wait around for a storm to role in, but hey, who doesn’t want to at least try surfing on the Great Lakes?

If you live in this area, spearfishing, on the other hand, can probably more frequently fulfill your watery desires.  Out of all the states that surround the Great Lakes, Wisconsin offers the best underwater hunting. Most the other states only allow you to catch carp, while Wisconsin currently allows you to catch a wider variety of fish.

Don’t think this place is worth your time? Think again, my friend. There are times of the year in Lake Michigan that regularly offer very clear water visibility, some days even reaching 80 to 100 feet.

Happen to be in the area? Remember to shoot Scott and his local Spearfishing club a message on Facebook.

2. Panama

While bigger crowds flock to Costa Rica, many other smart travelers are heading over to Panama. It is becoming a popular surfing and spearfishing vacation spot. If you go there for your next vacation, you can expect to catch some sweet waves and big fish.

Even if you are just getting started with spearfishing, it offers something for all levels of underwater hunters. If you are new to the sport, you can stay close to the mainland where the fish are smaller in size and reach around 60 pounds. If you decide to venture further out to sea, you can expect to spear Yellow Fin Tuna that reach up to 280 pounds. It is important to point out that currently spearguns are not currently legal in this country. Stick to pole spears for this vacation.

A great place to get started would be panamaspearfishing.com. The owner, Steve, runs a camp that offers both surfing and spearfishing.

3. Puerto Rico

For years, PR has been well known for its crystal clear waves. Those same waters also offer great spearfishing and lots of visibility. Unlike most places, they have very deep waters close to shore, and you don’t have to travel miles to catch bigger game. Given the size of the island, it is very easy travel around and hunt in areas that offer the best water conditions.

Sound interesting? Remember to check out Captain Roberto Reyes’ website puertoricofreedivers.com. He has been in the spearfishing business for 25 years, and since he is licensed by the United States Coast Guard and endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, directing you to some surf spots shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Nicaragua

Frequently described as “Costa Rica from 10 years ago,” Nicaragua is quickly becoming a surfing hot spot.   What many folks don’t know is that this country also offers excellent spearfishing. Probably because it is relatively untouched compared to other places, you only have to travel a few miles off shore to catch some really big game.

According to Matt from Blue Fin Tuna, “Nicaragua is the perfect place for the surfer-spearo hybrid,” because it offers surf and spearfishing spots that are relatively close to one another.

Want get the full report? Check out the mini documentary below and learn everything you need to know about spearfishing in Nicaragua.

Anywhere else?

There are tons of places where you can go surfing and spearfishing. Chances are, if you end up in a place you can surf, there is somewhere close where you can spearfish. Although it has been around for seemingly forever, it is still not as popular as many other vacation activities, so you might have a rough time finding a tour. You’re more likely to stumble upon zip-lining or horseback riding trips before a charter boat that specializes in underwater hunting. From my experience, most locals are aware of the sports’ existence, but may not know where to refer you to. Plan ahead if you want to make your spearo-surfer dreams a reality.

Before you head on your next vacation or surfing/spearfishing adventure, remember to give us a shout. Our store Justspearfishing.com offers a number of spearguns for sale and lots of other gear.

And of course, tell us where you recommend that surfers go to spearfish in the comments sections below.


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