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The last one, in March, was a doozy. Don't miss (another) doozy. Photo: Zak Kipp

The last one, in March, was a doozy. Don’t miss (another) doozy. Photo: Zak Kipp

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Is your local spot to crowded to catch rippable way during the day? Have you ever thought about ripping your local spot at night during a full moon to beat the crowds?

You’re in luck — your full moon shred sesh comes about every 28 days or so, and the next one is this coming Saturday, April 4.

Here are the rest through the calendar year (according to Moongiant):

May 4
June 2
July 2
July 31
August 29
September 28
October 27
November 25
December 25

Anyway, follow these tips that will help you safely shred and beat the crowds when the sun don’t shine.

Surf Mellow, Predictable Waves

Night surfing will push your limits. Low light makes waves seem larger and faster. Check the surf forecast prior to paddling out. Don’t try shredding on a night when the surf is pumping.

Surf a Spot You Know

Getting your local spot wired is hard enough in during the day. At night, it’s seemingly impossible. You should never paddle out in the dark unless you are closely familiar with the wave. You need to know every rock, every jetty, and every twist and turn in the reef. Sandy points and mellow beach breaks are the safest options.

Bring a Buddy

Given that avoiding crowds is one of the primary advantages of surfing at night, shredding with a buddy is the best bet. However, since night surfing is a dangerous activity, you would be wise to employ the buddy system. It will be difficult to see each other, so consistent communication is the best way to avoid collisions.

Don’t Get Eaten

Vending machines are more dangerous than sharks. However, if you choose to surf at night in a notoriously sharky location, you’re kind of increasing the odds against you. Majority of the marine creatures feed at night, and low light will make it difficult for hungry critters to distinguish you from food.


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