Photographer / Filmmaker

The Inertia

I was fascinated with surf films and photography from a young but I never imagined I could make money and live a perfect life as a filmmaker. Truth is, I don’t make that much money anyway but I can’t complain, I’m still the happiest guy on the planet.

I started making surf films four years ago because Ricardo dos Santos said I should do it as a professional. At the time, I was a 20-year old chef, splitting my time between filming during the day and working in the kitchen at night. At the end of that summer, Ricardo told me I had good taste in music, he liked my editing, and he was going to start bringing me along for some of his trips. After that, everyrthing started happening pretty fast and like I said, now it’s my job.

Ricardo was the first person to trust me and give me a job. So if I’m living my dream today, its all thanks to him. I still carry Ricardo in my heart everywhere I go.


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