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The Inertia

Surfing’s modern-day arms race of wave pools is getting interesting. Projects are getting bigger, developers are spending more money, and we’re losing track of which technology is being used at facilities across the world.

This week it was announced “The Lagoon Project” will put a 15-acre, £35 million ($45 million USD) development near Bournemouth, housing a 145-room hotel and a Surf Lakes wave pool as its centerpiece. But along with the hotel accommodations and a wave pool, there will be tree houses, woodland lodges, glamping pods and ‘hobbit’ huts for visitors, and even rock climbing along with other non-surf activities.

The company says they plan to attract half a million visitors to their resort each year with all this. That’s a hefty number for a single resort and for reference, the £35 million price tag is nearly three times larger than the UK’s first surf park built in the current era of wave pools, Surf Snowdonia, which cost £12 million to build in 2015.

Construction is expected to start later this year and according to the BBC, doors should be open to the resort by 2022, with the pool pumping out more than 2,400 waves per hour.


“This will be a destination for every family member to participate in the watersports as well as inland activities,” said Founder Matt Radford, who also added that the project will be privately financed.


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