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In mid-July, the forcast for Uluwatu looked good. Well, good is kind of relative, depending on your skill level. The forecast looked BIG. It looked like the biggest swell of the year, in fact, and that forecast was right. “It well and truly delivered here in Bali yesterday,” wrote Surfers of Bali on YouTube on July 19th.

It was indeed big — too big for most, but just right for a handful of very talented surfers, one of whom was Bruno Santos. “A highlight was Bruno Santos’ wave at 1:09, pulling into a huge bombie pit,” reads the videos description. It looked like Santos may have been towed in or stepped off a Jet Ski. “I’ve seen a few people pull into similar waves out there, but they’ve always shut down. This thing was just a perfect giant peeler with Bruno standing tall inside it.”


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