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Sometimes the ocean can be just the thing you need to quell the nastiest of hangovers.

Sometimes the ocean can be just the thing you need to quell the nastiest of hangovers.

The Inertia

Let’s be real, the holiday season is one big blur of boozing and cruising. Not that we don’t love the debauchery of it all – but after weeks of holiday parties, family dinners only made better by a well-filled flask, and of course the champagne toasts we partake in to ring in the new year, it all starts to hurt – mentally and physically. And the bounce back from a bad hangover can be a two day hell hole (if not more).

But for those of you still suffering, look no further than the ocean hangover remedy.

As a surfer and ocean enthusiast, I know from first hand experience the Big Blue has got magical powers and remedies for even the worst of toxin-filled souls and heavy headaches. See below for the 5 best ways in which the ocean can mend a hangover. We can almost promise, one of these will work – if they don’t you can’t be saved and should hope for karma to come your way…or death.

Detox the mind, detox the soul


The ocean is filled with salt and minerals. In fact, it contains 83 elements on the periodic table. Ever heard of the salt water cleanse? This is like that except you don’t have to drink the disgusting stuff and don’t need the loo in a 300 foot radius at all times. The salt water will literally leach out the crap that you consumed hours earlier – if you woke up drunk it will help speed up the process of returning to the land of the living.

Sweat it all out… ya lazy bum

Exercise stimulates the lymphatic system to excrete toxins and gets the blood flowing. Exercise also releases endorphins, the feel good hormones! But no one wants to do 100 push ups and a have sweat smelling of tequila dripping from your body at 9 am.

Go sweat it out on the beach or in the water, you get the added bonus of sweating without feeling more like death. And if that sounds like too much to handle, just float for 30 minutes – grab any board, or fins for flotation and let the waves do all the work. It’s a great core workout!

Refreshing as a summer day


Polar bear plunge, anyone? Remember that thing you did as a kid for charity or just to prove you were the baddest grommet on the beach? Go sans wetsuit and get chilly. That winter water will wake you right up – If no one is looking or you are in Europe feel free to go in your birthday suit. The more skin to water ratio, the better.

Mental health: Don’t get committed, get wet

Being f**king fragile the day after is real. We all know that with a hangover of any sort it is almost always followed by tears and self doubt. We have all been the victims of it, and it usually involves breaking up with your significant other (don’t take it personally we actually really like you and will get back together with you tomorrow), crying when watching old movies (A River Runs Through It is my personal tearjerker), and the feeling that your whole life is just a sham. Well guess what? The ocean, sea salt, and sunny air give you cool stuff like Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Oxygen. All things that make you feel like less of a train wreck.

Look good, feel good, smell good

Whether you look like the Walking Dead from being up till the wee hours or you forgot to wash the makeup off and resemble a drunk raccoon on your walk of shame home, you will immediately look better after taking a dip into Davie Jones Locker. Salt water is a huge skin healer and lover. It helps brighten, detoxify, and clean those pores out better than any baby wipe or bar of soap could. Not to mention the natural glow you can get from being outside.

So as you drag your lifeless body out of bed or off the floor remember the sea is where you want to be! Whether it’s New Year’s or next Tuesday, turn that hangover upside down with some good old fashion vitamin sea.

And if standing up on a moving board of fiberglass has your stomach up in arms, then why not get the best the ocean has to offer while lying soothingly on your belly. For that, we recommend Slyde Handboards. Happy hangover season!


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