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The Inertia

No matter how much footage you’ve seen of Nazaré, no matter how many angles of the cliff, the lighthouse, the whole intense set up, there are still edits that will blow your mind. Footage like this drone sequence from Tucker Wooding that shows exactly how terrifying the place is. And how, when it’s big, there’s no other place like it on Earth. Until we discover the next Nazaré, at least.

Seven minutes of drone footy will do that for you. The aerial view gives you an understanding of a place like nothing else. Last week Nazaré saw its season-opening swell. Lucas Chianca, Lucas Fink, Nic von Rupp, Justine Dupont, Tony Leorona, Sebastian Stuedtner, Andrew Cotton, and more were there to ride it. And thankfully, Wooding was there to pilot his drone to give us this perspective. Place is outrageous.


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