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The Inertia

Since mid April or so, Southern California has seen some decent Southern Hemisphere swells that have lit up the local favorites. The spots we all know and love. Spots like the Wedge. While many of us would choose to leave this mutant thing to the bodysurfers or boogs, plenty of surfers charge the behemoth, hoping to catch at least one wave that actually stays open and allows them exit.

It really doesn’t happen often at the Wedge, as you can see from this eight-minute feature above, shot by the folks at Swell Chronicle Media. But still we love to gawk. We’ve had our own cameramen in the water at certain So Cal mainstays (you can watch that here). And it really has been a fun run of swell in this early part of summer. There’s been a few bumps in size here and there, but mostly, it’s just been fun waves for weeks.

“Pretty amazing run of swell,” videographer Greg Viviani told us in late April. “Literally had no voice to scream “YEEEEEWWWW!!!!” From yeewwwing so much!”

Well, here’s to more edits. Edits to inspire all of us to get in the ocean more. Cause that’s what counts. In fact, I’m bagging work for the day and jumping in the water now. I hope you are too!


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