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5. A new “It” wave will be publicized.
A mysto wave has not made the jump into the mainstream surf consciousness since Cory Lopez’s antics at Skeleton Bay in 2008.  It’s becoming less likely that there are any undiscovered surfing waves left, but they exist. With the publishing crisis still raging and plenty of attention hungry, media types floating around cyberspace looking for their big break, every “secret” spot is a potential discovery/exploitation scoop. My money is going on some place cold. Either perfect and cold, or scary and cold.

6. Female pro surfing will remain exactly where it has always been. 
It wont’ grow, it won’t shrink, it will continue to limp along as the underappreciated step-child of surfing. I’ve never met an entire group of people who hate their sisters and daughters more.

Kolohe Andino Gabriel Medina John John Florence

Is 2013 the year that the guard officially changes? Photos: ASP

7. The next world champion will not be from Coolangatta or Florida.
This is the year when the young ones will come into their own. Jordy Smith, Julian Wilson, Owen Wright, and below them, The Angel Gabriel and John Florence.  These guys must be sick of losing to the upper classmen.  This is the year their drive and abilities reach a critical mass.

8. Board shorts will become more expensive while offering less perceivable innovation.
Pretty self-explanatory. They will however, continue to grow shorter but probably not shorter than two to four inches above the knee.

Hopefully we'll see more than doodles from Dane in 2013. Image:

Hopefully we’ll see more than doodles from Dane in 2013. Image:

9. Dane Reynolds will do something besides scribble with crayons and release the odd web clip.
He has to, right?  Can Quiksilver really justify his sponsorship based on scattered magazine photos, a handful of three-minute clips, and one or two brilliant contest performances? I’m willing to accept that he’s the best surfer on a board right now, but from a business angle, I still don’t think he can glide by on such a ridiculously limited output.

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