Random surf items we want and should have.

The 9 most random but practical surf items we all think we need aren’t really too expensive. Photo: Surf Grass Mat

The Inertia

Almost all of us can name the guy. He owns those random surf items that look completely ridiculous but turn out to being totally useful. We end up using the product and give in because, well… they make our surfing experience a little more satisfying. So here’s a collection of some of the best surf items currently for sale–and while they might not make you surf better, they will definitely make you a little more cozy and carefree in front of the lineup.

Trunq Surf Box

Getting your sandy feet all over your already washed up ’90s Mazda might not make a difference, but if you care about your vehicle, a clean car and clean body can create peace of mind. Simply step into the thing and change away without the mess. Best part about this bucket is the fact that it holds all your small necessities: wax, comb, beer, etc.


Rinse Kit Portable Shower

What fits perfect with the Surf Bucket is the Rinse Kit. You probably still walk through the sand, board under your arm, tracking through dry sand that immediately surrounds your ankles. With the Rinse Kit, you can wash away any of the shit that builds up during your walk back to the car. Rinse yourself off in the bucket and you’re golden, then drain it. I’d even heat the water up.


The Changing Poncho

Towel changing made easier with poncho.

Towel changing is the past, so invest in a surf poncho. It’s a towel material that covers your entire body and eliminates the possibility of a dropped towel in the parking lot. The ponchos are usually set at a reasonable price, so save the potential nudity for your significant other and invest.

Take your pick here, here and here

Surf Grass Mat


If you don’t have the funds for a surf bucket, purchase a grass mat to stand on where ever you please. Obviously it’s the cheaper of the two when compared to the complete surf box, but still does the same thing (minus all the storage of course). Surf mats pack up perfectly into my waterproof bag along with my fins and wetsuit., and Northcore both have versions for sale online. surf

 Wetsuit Dry Bag

My all-time favorite on the list, a waterproof bag was a must-purchase for me a few years back. As a photographer, a massive waterproof bag that can fit basically all of your gear–wetsuit, fins, water jug, poncho and surf mat–makes life so much better. It all fits into my bag so there’s always a clean car for my drive home. If you only get one thing on this list, make it a waterproof bag.

You can find a few examples of good dry bags here, here and here. But there are endless possibilities for this product, so shop around.


Pickle Wax Remover

Re-waxing your board every morning at 5 a.m. is fun. Make it easy on yourself, okay? It’s not expensive and saves heaps of time. I’m not one for watching my buddies get out for the first wave while I wax my board, so I purchased a Pickle Wax Remover months ago, and I’ll never go back to the old comb or credit card.

Gallon Water Jugs


For you kooks who refuse to spend a dime, at least purchase a few gallon jugs from your local grocery store, load up with hot water and store in your car for a post-surf beach bath. The Rinse Kit might be more expensive, but it doesn’t hold as much water as the massive multi-gallon jugs you can gather over a few weeks. If you’re low on cash, get to your nearest Vons as soon as possible.


Surf Lock

We can all count the times our car key suddenly “disappeared from our wetsuit” or “wandered down the street drain.” I’ve witnessed a two hour drive to retrieve a spare key, all because it slipped out of a backpack, so don’t be that guy. The Surf Lock attaches to your car where you can slide your key into the device and lock it through a pin number key pad. After one miserable experience, this product might be first on your list.

Wetsuit Hanger

Wetsuit hangers keep wetsuits clean and new.

Finisterre Wetsuit Hangers keep your wetsuit looking consistently brand new. Photo: Finisterre Wetsuit Hangers

At the end of the day, it’s always nice to see your pristine wetsuit dripping its remaining water remnants in your back yard. Wetsuit hangers are extremely cheap and totally worth it when it comes to keeping your wetsuit in perfect condition. Dangling one over a fence might work, but over time those creases might turn permanent, which is why the Wetsuit Hanger works so well and eliminates that factor.

A quick Google search gives plenty of options for wetsuit hangers.


Of course, none of these are complete necessities to have a good surf, but in the end you’ll be stoked on the random purchase. No more sandy feet or week-old wetsuit smells and no more Sunday morning car details!


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