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Mexi Log Fest is, by all accounts, one of the best surfing events that exists on the entire planet. The entire planet is a big place, so that means something. It’s a quite a bit different than a traditional contest. Instead of creating e-bike parking lot world reserves, the people who run MXLF simply want to spread good vibes around like peanut butter on toast. It’s a week’s worth of things that might make some roll their eyes, like yoga and sound baths, as well as a week’s worth of things that no one rolls their eyes at. Surf clinics for children, delicious food, surf films, live music… it’s all there. The contest brings hundreds of traditional loggers together from all corners of the world.

Its first few years were spent in La Saladita, then it took 2020 off for obvious reasons. But this year, the Mexi Log Fest went to Punta Burros, right next to Sayulita where it originally started. The organizers just released the highlight reel… and it looks like the best thing ever.


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