Photographer / Drone Videographer / Co-Founder, Máquina Voadora

The Inertia

December 22nd was a big day for Francisco Porcella. It was a big day for everyone at Nazaré, but Porcella was in the middle of the maelstrom a little more than everyone else. He scored a few bombs, took one of the worst wipeouts of the day, spat out blood, saved a life, and got pushed to the rocks while trying to save a jet ski, ending up inside a cave.

The waves that day were spectacular. With outside sets hitting the 40-foot face mark, locals are calling it “Heavy Thursday”, and it went down as one of the best sessions of 2016.

Francisco sat down with me afterward and walked me through one of the heaviest days in recent memory.

Drone Footage by Máquina Voadora – Produções
Additional Land Footage by Nuno Dias
Interview and Edited by Pedro Miranda


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