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You would be forgiven if you missed watching Mick Fanning surf. If you’re a fan of good surfing, it would make sense. Watching Mick surfing is like watching an artist paint a masterpiece, but since his retirement from the tour, we don’t get to see it quite as much. But “retirement” obviously doesn’t mean Mick gave up surfing. Add retirement to a ruined knee, and you’ve got a serious lack of Mick Fanning’s surfing. On a turn he’s done a million times before, Mick’s knee buckled inwards and his ACL ripped in half.

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“This turn blew my ACL apart,” he wrote, “and looks like surgery and 6-12 months of rehab.”


Well, it’s been almost a year, and Mick is getting ready to make his comeback. “In honor of Fanning’s return to the brine,” wrote the Red Bull team, “we commissioned one of our favorite cinematographers, Lachlan McKinnon, to pull together a highlight reel from this time last year, when the Gold Coast was lighting up with endless summer swells, and the man they call White Lightning was in career-best form.”


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