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The Inertia

Volcom has a storied history on Oahu’s North Shore. The Volcom Pipe house is a landmark, but it wasn’t their first. Much like the surfers who stay at the house, it takes a while to work your way up the ladder.

In 1995, the Volcom crew rented their first house. It was in front of Rocky Point and Dave Wassel, Gavin Beschen, Kaleo Roberson, Tai Vandyke, Shawn “Barney” Barron, and a few others moved in. Of course, as you may be well aware, a bunch of Volcom team rider were not, perhaps, the best tenants. They bounced around from house to house for the next five seasons, living at V-Land, Ted’s, and Backyard, partying and fighting, fighting and partying, until they landed in their current place at the Banzai Pipeline. Now, more than two decades since Volcom’s North Shore seed was planted, the tree has grown tall and strong. In Volcom’s video that you see above, Tai Van Dyke, a man who’s been there the whole time, walks us through the many stories of the many houses.


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